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Our People

The Maitland farm, “Anama Park”, was purchased by James Maitland in 1866. James migrated to Australia from Scotland, making the journey on the mighty ship, “Constance”. After working in the goldfields in Victoria, he settled in South Australia, purchasing 513 acres (now 3000 acres) from the South Australian government on a pastoral lease. Today, five generations later, the property is owned and managed by David and Margot Maitland, with their son, Jim Maitland.

The Millers

Grain for Pangkarra Pty Ltd is milled using traditional stone milling methods at Laucke Flour Mills, a South Australian milling company based in Strathalbyn. Laucke Flour Mills was established in 1899, and has been in the same family ever since.

Laucke use traditional stone milling methods, rather than steel roller milling to grind our grain. Stone milling is the original form of milling, based on large stones that grind the grain into flour, much like a mortar and pestle. Unlike conventional milling, the grain is crushed not cut, which means more than 80% of the nutrients are not lost in the process. The end result is flour which is more flavoursome, healthier and wholesome.

Pangkarra Pty Ltd respects our relationship with Laucke Flour Mills, and, together, we are committed to a quality, superior food product.

The Manufacturers

Pangkarra flour is crafted into pasta at L’Abruzzese pasta factory, in South Australia. Proprietor, Carmelo Baldino uses modern  machinery and traditional Italian methods to make the pasta. Once formed into the required shapes, the pasta is air dried in temperature controlled drying rooms, which allow the true flavours of the pasta to develop. Pangkarra is proud to be working closely with L’Abruzzese Pty Ltd.

Our Distributors

Pangkarra is delighted to be working with three leading gourmet food distributors in South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales.

South Australia: Pangkarra uses Food Nation, South Australia’s leading wholesale distributor of premium gourmet products. Food Nation has had many years of experience, servicing the South Australian food market. Visit for more information or phone 08 8346 9388.

Queensland: Fino Food and Wine services many of the most respected food and wine business in Queensland, from Yamba to Noosa and west to Toowoomba. Pangkarra loves working with Fino Food and Wine as they think outside the square and believe in quality food products. Visit for more information or phone 07 389 9941.

New South Wales: Pangkarra is proud to have Gershgoods as their exclusive distributors in New South Wales. Gershgoods work with many retailers and restaurants throughout the state, delivering the best products to the best food outlets. Visit or phone 02 4759 1100.

Tasmania: Tasmanian Gourmet Distributors are passionate about the food industy in Tasmania, hence Pangkarra is a proud to work with like minded people. TGD aim to give their customers access to the very best of gourmet food and beverages from Tasmania, the mainland states and overseas. Visit or phone 03 6326 1196 for more information.

Western Australia: Hunters and Selectors are the distributors for Pangkarra in Western Australia. Hunters and Selectors are very selective of the ranges that we choose to distribute, preferring to stock a relatively small range of premium products, thus enabling them to maintain a high quality of representation, marketing and merchandising. Pangkarra has a strong working relationship with Hunters and Selectors, and is proud to be working with like minded people. Visit or phone 08 9259 0100.

Victoria: Pangkarra is pleased to be using The Forage Company in Victoria. The Forage Company have a boutique, personal approach to producers and retailers, which means great service and attention to detail. Visit or phone 1300 566 144. 

The Kaurna People

Pangkarra is working in collaboration with the Kaurna Warra Pintyandi people. Kaurna Warra Pintyandi (lit. ‘creating Kaurna language’) is a group of Kaurna people, teachers, linguists and language enthusiasts who are passionate about the reclamation and revival of the Kaurna language. This group, which grew out of a series of Kaurna language development workshops, now meets monthly. The group continues to develop their language.