frequently asked questions

Canola Oil:

Pangkarra roasted pulses contain 2-4% canola oil as stated on the ingredients listing. The canola oil we use is 100% natural, unrefined and is GMO free.

The canola oil is grown by Australian farmers. The canola crop offers beneficial environmental factors, such as acting as a good food source and cross pollination for honey bees. Canola flowers produce large quantities of concentrated nectar and pollen that is high in protein. It has excellent nutritional value for bees and can strengthening weak colonies and help them fight disease.

We use canola oil as it allows the flavours to stick to the pulses at a high temperature. All other oils do not have a high enough flash point and reach their smoke point, which can cause serious health issues.

Pangkarra pulses are roasted in oil, but are not fried in a deep fryer.

Organic Issue:

All Pangkarra products are not certified organic, however, our belief is to farm sustainably. We, the Maitland family, follow a strict no-till farming philosophy, whereby we reduce our impact on soil disturbance, thus stimulating soil biology and micro-organisms in the soil. No-till farming methods also reduce soil erosion and run-off, and helps soil moisture retention.

We use crop rotations to reduce reliance on one set of nutrients, pest and weed pressure, and the probability of developing resistant pest and weeds. We also use organic fertilisers, such as chicken litter to treat the soils in the winter.

These farming methods have allowed us to reduce the amount of chemicals used (NB: we still use some chemicals such as glyphosate) as we are retaining more nutrients from the soil and natural environment.

Genetically Modified Crops (GMO):

Genetically modified (GM) food crops are crops which have been derived or developed from organisms that have had changes made to their DNA using genetic engineering. These changes can introduce traits such as:

  • resistance to disease
  • tolerance to herbicides
  • better nutrient profiles.

The cultivation of GM food crops is prohibited in South Australia, under the Genetically Modified Crops Management (Designation of Areas) Regulations 2008, which were made under the Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004. These regulations will remain in place until at least 1 September 2019. As such, we are not legally allowed to grow GMO crops in South Australia, and all Pangkarra are GMO free.