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South Australian Food Identity, Maggie Beer

Pangkarra definitely embodies the slow food philosophy when you consider that it is the wholegrain milled traditionally and
the pasta made with the slow drying that makes such a difference to texture and flavour,” Maggie said.

“The family should be very proud of their pasta. I really loved its flavour and texture.”



Catherine Barnett, CEO of Food SA

More and more, people care about their food and where it has come from,” Catherine said.

“Here we have South Australian family farmers, offering a premium pasta, made with the wheat grown on their farm with no added preservatives or additives. I congratulate them on their success of launching the pasta range, and I wish them all the best in the future".

Chantelle Bensville, Mother NSW

"Dear maitland family A QUICK NOTE TO SAY OMG THE PASTA.  I have the fussiest child on the planet. He will not eat any other pasta/ rice/ anything  but meat. We gave him your pasta with a little meat sauce he asked for more we
nearly died I  have 4 kids they all ate the lot. I'm going to have to go from NSW  to SA  until it is every where to buy it we love it so much and the kids don't know how healthy it is !! again thanks It’s great to get wholesome food that fussy kids love."

Kaylene Mosey, Brady Creek, SA

"I heard of your pasta venture through Country ABC and the Stock Journal, and I was delighted to find the product in Becker's IGA in Auburn. So, of course, I purchased two packets- one for my friend and one for me. I used Scott Dale lamb mince, plus all the culinary ingredients which the man of the house enjoys, added spaghetti and WOW, I was impressed! I am supposed to eat wholemeal pasta, but as the one readily available tasted like and resembled cardboard, I declined the advice. Now, I must try all of your varieties! I wish you every success. Regards, Kaylene Mosey."


Sally Bedggood, Spalding, SA

"I am allergic to simple sugars, which as a general rule means lollies, chocolates, white rice and pasta. My skin reacts within an hour and it normally means a hospital visit for the allergic reaction and can leave me with awful hives and painful skin for hours if not days afterwards.  As a family when we eat pasta, I would normally cook myself wholeMEAL pasta which takes twice as long to cook, and has a very different flavour and texture. While the rest of my family eats white pasta. I have tried Pangkarra with great success and I haven't had any adverse reactions to it. Pangkarra pasta is now eaten by my whole family! It cooks beautifully, and has a lovely flavour and texture which even my fussy husband will eat!!!!"