our family heritage

The Maitland farm, Anama, was purchased by James Maitland in 1866. James migrated to Australia from Scotland, making the journey on the mighty ship, “Constance” arriving on 27th August 1848. After working in the goldfields in Victoria transporting goods to Melbourne, he settled in South Australia, purchasing 513 acres (extending to 6000 acres) from the South Australian government on a pastoral lease in 1866.

Taking over from the original James Maitland, were his two sons, James (Jim) and Alexander (Alec) Maitland. Whilst Jim was farming at Anama, his brother, Alec and wife, Effie established the house and property now known as Renfrew, 7km from Anama homestead, and now the headquarters for Pangkarra Foods. One of Alec’s four sons, Alexander (Sandy) Maitland married Mary Chamberlain in 1951 and had three children. Sandy and his wife Mary, were farming at Anama in 1984, when their son, David Maitland took the helm. In 1979, David married Margot Bailey, and together they have two sons, Sam and Jim Maitland. Today, the legacy continues with David and his second son, Jim, jointly responsible for the farm operations at Anama, now known as Anama Park, and Sam, as Managing Director of Pangkarra Foods. Jim and his wife Katherine now live at Anama Park with their two sons, William and Angus Maitland, the sixth generation of the Maitland family.

Our family has always enjoyed a healthy dedication to hard work and commitment to quality. For five generations, we have been farming in the Clare Valley. Each member of the Maitland family contributes to Pangkarra. From farming and business to marketing and sales, we all share the same vision for success and we are driven by each other’s vibrant energy and enthusiasm.