Need sauce with your pasta? Salt when cooking? Or, a coffee hit when online shopping? We have you sorted. Line your pantry shelves with delicious produce from our very own selection of gourmet offerings.  From stocks and olive oil, to rice and risotto, we have you and your kitchen sorted in only a few short clicks!

  • Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a South Australian story created by two friends one evening over a bottle of wine.   The idea took shape and, in seeking something that would help to identify the brand as uniquely Australian, the cheeky 'Currawong' bird was chosen to represent the brand they envisaged. ​ Currawong Olive Oil was created in 2005 and is still very much a family owned brand which is bottled and packaged by Oleapak in Willunga, South Australia. ​
  • Freekeh is green wheat which means that it’s harvested whilst still young, Freekeh contains more protein, vitamins, and minerals than the same mature grain and other grains. It’s so delicious and so high in protein that it’s perfect for lunchtime or evening.  Try it on its own but a few little pieces of feta just finishes it off. It makes the most amazing soup to!  Just throw in whatever veggies you have in the fridge add a cup of freekeh mix and a bit of water (depending on how thick you like your soups) and enjoy! It makes 750gm of cooked product so goes a remarkably long way.
  • This is an exotic blend of roasted almonds, sesame seeds and middle-eastern spices and is where the story of Thistle Be Good began. They have been making Dukkah since their very beginning, in 2002. It is the biggest seller product of ALL of their products and they have the recipe absolutely perfect! You can try others but everyone always returns to theirs; they are very proud of it! Use traditionally by dipping crusty bread into olive oil then into dukkah as a healthy dip or use as a Gluten Free crumbing. Lightly crumb chicken or fish, then shallow fry and either eat it as a main meal, or sliced up in a wrap with a big salad.


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