Fettuccine is like the Volvo of pastas; classic, well-designed, wholesome and a safe choice for the whole family. It actually hails from Lazio and is best served with a creamy or oil based sauce. Pangkarra’s fettuccine, like all of our pasta shapes, is made with our home-grown, wholegrain stone-milled flour, which gives the pasta its traditional nutty taste and texture.

  • Made with wholegrain durum flour.
  • Nutty flavour with a delicious texture.
  • Rich in nutrients.
  • Perfect for creamy or oil based sauces and ragus.

Disclaimer: Our 5kg pasta boxes were destined for Food Service, which is currently not an avenue for us, hence a special offer direct to the consumer. The boxes contain 5kg of bulk pasta in a plastic liner contained in a card board box. The boxes are delivered via Australia Post.