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Health benefits of Pangkarra pasta

Pangkarra pasta is made from one ingredient - 100% durum wheat from our farm. In the manufacturing process, nothing is added, nor taken away, so the pasta is completely natural.


Start living a healthy life today with Pangkarra pasta!

One ingredient, many benefits…

  • Excellent source of fibre
  • Good source of thiamine (Vitamin B1)
  • Low in fat (approximately 97.4% fat free)
  • Low in sodium
  • Low GI
  • Excellent source of antioxidants & phytonutrients
  • No artificial additives
  • 100% natural ingredients

Did you know…

  • One serve of Pangkarra pasta gives you more than your recommended daily requirement of wholegrains
  • Experts say eating wholegrain foods is an essential part of a weight control diet and can reduce the risk of heart disease,
    colon cancer and diabetes by 30%
  • Pangkarra pasta is full of essential B vitamins necessary to convert carbohydrates into energy.