Cooking our pasta

It’s an old saying, but if you can boil water, you can cook pasta. Just so you get it right, we offer a few helpful hints to make simple cooking even easier.

We recommend a large pot of boiling water.

Amount of water

Approximately six cups of water for 100 grams of pasta, increase by two cups for every 100 grams or until saucepan is ¾ full.
Some pasta lovers prefer a teaspoon or two of salt to be added to the water before bringing it to the boil.

When to add the pasta

Once the water reaches a vigorous boil, add the pasta and stir ensuring all the pasta is covered by water. Do not cover the saucepan. Cooking time starts from the time the water boils again.

Cooking time

The time it takes to cook depends on the type of pasta. Smaller pasta shapes such as spaghetti take less time than a thicker type of pasta such as fettuccine. We generally recommend a cooking time of about 8 minutes.

Testing and tasting

To test if the pasta is ready, taste it. The perfect springy pasta is ‘al dente’, although some people prefer it more tender. Drain well and serve.

Saucing it up!

The types of sauces that can be added to spice up your pasta experience are limited only by your imagination. While some people like their pasta with olive oil, butter, and garlic, others like it with creamy or tomato sauces. Of course, there is no limit to what you can add to pasta.