1 x 375g Pangkarra Wholegrain Linguine

2 cups of julienne carrot

2 cups of beans or 2 bunches of asparagu


½ cu of olive oil

1/3 cup of Fish Sauce

3-4 tbs of sweet Indonesian soy sauce

Juice of 3 limes

½ teaspoon minced chilli

½ 1 cup minced mint

½ 1 cup minced basil

½ 1 cup minced coriander

1-2 chopped whole chillies (seeds removed)

1 small chopped capsicum

5-8 finely sliced lime leaves (optional)

Cook pasta in 5 litres of boiling water until al dente

Mix together oil, fish sauce and Indonesian soy and lime juice. Add warm cooked pasta and minced chilli and sliced lime leaves. Allow to cool. Add carrot and capsicum, chopped herbs and sliced chilli. Garnish with blanched beans or asparagus. Can be made the day before and flavours intensify – serve at room temperature.